Once the three Arabs resigned from  the job as they  were  not  given  increase in wage by four  rupees a month. So they  started for Junagadh and in the way they  hunted a few  birds  and  put  them in  a bag. They  were  passing   through  the  Virpur   in  the evening Jalaram Bapa saw them and asked them to have meal. They hesitate as they were Muslims  but Bapa said there’s no distinction of  caste or  creed  in court of  god. They took the meal and  tried to go away silently  but bapa stopped them and  halt  them for a night. Bapa then touched  their  bag  and  said  Ah! the poor  birds feel suffocated open the bag and make them free. Bapa open the bag and make them free.

     The Arabs  were  amazed  and  fell at the feet of bapa that  will they  get  the  job at junagadh.  Bapa said that they will get and as they asked for  four  rupees  more  he  will give them  seven  rupees  more.  It  really  happens so, A camel-man  came to take  them back.Once a Daughter-in-law of a farmer in Virpur went  to   a   village  named Roopvati in a marriage  party  and  she  lost her precious nose-ring  with a  Red Pearl. She  took a vow of offering  coconut in  Bapa’s  temple  and  after  party  she  went  straight  to the Bapa’s Ashram with  coconut. Seeing   her  weeping  Bapa  took  the  coconut  from her hand and  broke it before  the  idol of  Rama. A Miracle  happened. The nose-ring  came out from the broken coconut.

     Amarchand Sheth of the Jodia  Port was returning  from  the  Basara  with  a  loaded shipment. On  the  way  there  was  a storm in the sea. The ship  developed  the  hole  at the keel  and it  was  being  filled  with water. Amarchand cried out for help. “Oh! Jaliya Bapa, save  me! I  will  send  the  entire  shipload of rice to you!”. In  a  mysterious way the  water  stopped   entering   the   ship   through   the  hole  and  the  storm  also  was subsided. After reaching  at port safely he thought that rice are costly and  he  need  not send it to Ashram. So he send the Inferior quality of rice in carts.