It was Vikram Era 1886. Once an old Sadhu  came  to  the  Ashram  muttering  the “Narayan, Narayan, Narayan!”. Bapa  had  offered  meals  but  he  said ,“NO”. Bapa asked him  what  he  would  take. He said his body is worn out and he wants some body to look after him. Bapa said that he would look after him but  told  him  to send  Bapa’s wife. Bapa hesitatingly said  to  Virbai  that  an  old sadhu has arrived and had asked for her to look after  him in  his  old age.  Virbai  Maa  said  that  to tell Sadhu  that she will go with him.  Hearing this bapa was relieved. And she goes with sadhu. 

      The Sadhu and  the Virbai Maa came across  a river at a distance  two - three miles. There the Sadhu said to mother  that , “Look after my  Bag  and Staff(thick stick) I  will just return  after  attending  the natural  call”.Saying  this Sadhu  disappeared  behind the bushes. Virbai  Maa  waited  for  him  till  the  sunset  and  now  she was  anxious about Sadhu and started  weeping. Some  cowherd  boys saw that  and  call  the  villagers  and now all realized that  the  Sadhu was no one  else  but God himself who had come to put the Bhagat to test. Since that day the bag and the  thick  stick are kept in the temple  and are worshipped twice daily. Bapa was thirty when this event took place.

     Bapa  was  doing  the  work  of  Ashram himself, he  never  wait  for  anybody to do work. Sometime  if  the streets are not cleaned up Bapa himself  clean  them  and  if  the pots are  not  filled  for  Sadhus he  himself  went  to  the  step - well  and  fill  the  pot. Jalaram Bapa often  went to Fatepur near Amreli  to see  his Guru.  Sometimes  he  went there even twice in the month, walking the distance of 24  miles. The  Bhoja  Bhagat  and Bapa built the walls of the Ashram. Bhoja Bhagat did  the  masonry  work  and  the  Jala Bhagat carried the basket of wet earth or bricks or stones on head. Bhoja Bhagat  comes to Virpur and it was in Virpur he had breathed his last.