Once  a  Saint dropped  at  Jalaram place and Jalaram served him muttering the name of  God. Saint  was  pleased  and  he  was   given   small   Krishna   Idol  and  was  told that,” Hanumanji  will  soon  appear  himself  here  at  your  place.”  On the third day an Idol of Hanumanji  made  its  appearance  there.  Day  by   day  the  number  of  Sadhus and pilgrims visiting house increased, So  Virbai  had  given  her  gold  chain  and  other ornament to Jalaram for sale.

     Once the tailor named Harji had been suffering from some pain in the  stomach  from long time. He was told to utter the name of Jala Bhagat and he utter his name and  within week he was completely recovered. From  this event he was called “JALARAM BAPA”. There lived a rich Muslim named Jamal in Virpur.

      Once his ten-year-old son was ill. Inspite of the treatment he could not recovered so he took  the  name  of  the Jalaram Bapa and his son recovered. From that  time  he  was know as “Jalla so Allah”. At this event he was only 22 years of age.

     Once the King of Dhrangadhra was going on a pilgrimage to Somnath and he  had  to pass  through the Virpur. Jalaram  stopped  him and said, “ you cannot leave  this  place without  taking  the prasad”. Bapa  started  distributing  the  prasad  of  sweet  with   the small baskets  on  his  shoulder.  Raja  was  pleased  to  see  this  and  ask for  anything Jalaram needed. Jalaram  asked  for  the  small  grinding  mill  that  can  grid upto the six to seven mounds  of  the  grain  daily. Raja  send  the best grinding stones to  Jala  Bapa even today these stones can be seen  in the temples.

      Once the Gor(Priest) of Lohana Community had  been suffering form  the  paralysis for  the last  fifteen  years. He  came  to  Virpur   and   paid   the  obeisance  to  Jalaram Bapa. Bapa said ,”Gor Bapa it is  not  you  but I  am paying  obeisance to you”. Jalaram Bapa  said just  worship  the  God  and   feed  sadhus  there. Gor  Bapa  did  this  and  soon  he  was recovered. So  he   composed   the  song   praising  the  Jala  Bapa. Bapa said,”Please stop this non sense! Sing only the  virtues  of  God,  not  of  mine!  If  you praise  me God would make you again as you were!”. Such a selfless soul was he!.